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ERISA Claims Process

New Jersey ERISA Claims Attorney

Your employer may have provided you with a long-term disability insurance policy as part of your employment. The premiums have been paid in a timely manner. Now insurance companies like MetLife, Hartford, Aetna or Prudential fails to live up to its end of the bargain. At Abromson & Carey, Attorneys at Law, in Newark, New Jersey, we represent injured employees in Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) claim disputes. To learn more about obtaining employee disability benefits, contact us for a free initial consultation.

The process associated with obtaining ERISA benefits is complicated. You should hire an experienced lawyer who knows the process. Our firm has been representing people in ERISA claims disputes throughout New Jersey for over 35 years. We will represent you in disputes surrounding the improper denial or termination of benefits. We will also fight for the reinstatement of your benefits. Here is a brief description of the claims process:

  • After being medically unable to work, you file a claim with your company’s long-term disability insurance carrier
  • They either deny or grant your application
  • If they deny your application we will review the stated objections
  • We will provide them with objective evidence concerning your disability and your need for ERISA benefits
  • Our firm will gather medical evidence, document the record and write a brief in preparation for filing an insurance dispute

If an insurance company denies your ERISA claim improperly, we will file a suit in federal court challenging their actions. If you are covered by your long-term insurance, you may deserve to receive a certain percentage of your pre-disability earnings. It is possible to receive a lump-sum payout under certain circumstances.

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The process associated with challenging the denial of ERISA benefits is confusing. It is important to have a skilled attorney who will advocate for your rights. To learn more about appealing an ERISA benefit denial, contact Abromson & Carey, Attorneys at Law, online for a free initial consultation or call us at 877-673-9993.