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Long-Term Disability Insurance

Helping You Navigate Long-Term Disability Insurance

If you are dealing with a disability issue that involves an ERISA group benefit or an individual disability policy issued from a private broker, we can help. At Abromson & Carey, Attorneys at Law, our experienced ERISA attorney and private disability lawyer can help you in a number of different areas, including:

  • Understanding what benefits you are entitled to under your insurance plan
  • Gathering needed evidence and documentation to support your claim
  • Helping you properly file for benefits
  • Pursuing appeals on denied claims
  • Pursuing bad faith and breech claims against insurers

We have handled hundreds of cases dealing with the Early Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and private insurance companies. Many people mistakenly believe that because they are part of an ERISA-governed group employee benefit plan they will automatically receive benefits if they become disabled. Not true. Despite the guidelines put forth by ERISA, insurance companies often deny benefits to those who should be entitled. The same is true for those who hold individual disability policies with private insurers. Your benefits are not guaranteed, and there is a strong possibility, especially when your injuries and physical/mental limitations are not readily apparent, that you will be denied.

If your claim has been denied, fight back by calling 877-673-9993

Whether you need help filing an initial application for benefits, your initial claim benefit application has been denied, or your existing benefits have been terminated, our New Jersey disability attorneys can help you find solutions and fight the system. The application and appeals process can be complex – any misstep can mean denial of your claim. Don’t take the chance. Your benefits are too important to be denied because of a technicality.

At Abromson & Carey, Attorneys at Law, we will help you every step of the way, from initial application through appeals. If we feel your claim has merit, our lawyers will keep fighting at every level for your rights and the benefits to which you are entitled. We are dedicated to investing whatever time and effort is needed to see you prevail. The big insurance companies have teams of lawyers and attorneys on their side. Make sure you have an experienced New Jersey ERISA attorney and private disability attorney on your side.

Contact our attorneys today to put our knowledge, experience and passion to work for you. Flexible appointments are available. Hospital and home visits can be arranged. We are here to help – if that means we need to go to you, we will do it. A member of our staff speaks Spanish and Portuguese, should you need help with communicating.