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What are some complications of a brain injury?

What are some complications of a brain injury?

| Sep 8, 2017 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries |

Newark residents may think that brain injuries are relatively straight forward, affecting everyone the same. However, brain injuries can be incredibly complicated. The after effects of the injury vary, depending on what part of the brain was involved. These effects can be permanent. Take, for example, the complications that could occur based on what side of the brain was injured.

If the left side of the brain is injured, it can lead to a number of complications. For example, it could make it difficult for the person to understand or express language. It could lead to mental issues such as depression or anxiety. It could also cause verbal memory deficits. A person’s logic could be impaired, and they may have problems with sequencing. Finally, it could make it difficult to move the right side of one’s body.

There are also a number of complications that can occur when the right side of the brain is injured. A person’s visual-spatial abilities could be impaired. There could be deficits in a person’s visual memory. The person may be unable to pay attention to the left side of their body. While there may be deficits, the person may not be aware of them. A right-side brain injury could make a person less creative, and might take away their ability to see “the big picture.” Finally, it could make it difficult to move the left side of one’s body.

Sometimes both sides of a person’s brain are injured. This is known as a diffuse brain injury. Those who suffer from such an injury may find that it takes more time to think, and they may be confused. They may be tired and find it more difficult to pay attention and concentrate on things.

As this shows, brain injury complications could be life-altering, especially if their permanent. Not only could they affect a person’s ability to hold down a job, but they could also make simple daily tasks more difficult. When this happens, brain injury victims may want to learn more about seeking Social Security disability benefits. These benefits can provide compensation when a person can no longer work, and can be the financial lifeline a person with a disabling brain injury needs to get by day-to-day.

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