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Despite needs, long wait times for SSD benefits continue

Despite needs, long wait times for SSD benefits continue

| Aug 11, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

When a person in Newark cannot work due to a serious medical condition, they may be concerned not just with their physical health, but also with their financial health. A glimmer of hope may take the shape of Social Security disability benefits. After all, people have paid into the Social Security system when they were healthy enough to work, believing that there would be a financial safety net there for them should they become disabled and can no longer work. Unfortunately, obtaining these benefits can be a difficult process.

Unfortunately, around a third of the applications for SSD benefits are initially denied, and it can take years to resolve the situation through the appeals process. Moreover, there is a significant backlog of cases waiting to be addressed. Part of the reason why there is such a backlog of cases, according to some, is due to the ongoing cuts to funding for the nation’s Social Security program. Moreover, as the “baby boomers” age, there is a greater number of people in need of disability benefits.

The Social Security Administration recognizes that something needs to be done about these long wait times. A plan known as the “Compassionate and Responsive Service” has addressed the situation by improving the technology used by the SSA when processing applications for SSD benefits. However, when a person’s application for disability benefits is denied, the appeals process can take years. Moreover, people are encouraged not to continue working while they are going through the appeals process. This means no income to address one’s ever-growing medical expenses. It is a real issue that needs to be resolved.

Despite all of this, people in need of disability benefits should not be discouraged from applying for them. An attorney can help ensure that one’s initial application is as complete as possible, and can represent them throughout the appeals process if necessary.

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