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Signs and symptoms of Lupus

Lupus is a serious and debilitating autoimmune disease that could seriously affect an Americans ability to do work, including residents in and near the Newark, New Jersey, area. The condition typically affects people at a younger age around one’s teenage years to the early 30’s, with symptoms covering a wide range of disabilities and issues for the victim. Early symptoms could include but are not limited to fever, hair loss, rashes, kidney issues, pulmonary problems, swollen joints and gastrointestinal issues, thyroid issues and fatigue.

Fatigue is among the most common symptoms, affecting as many as 90 percent of victims. Lowgrade fevers which cannot be attributed to other illnesses is also not uncommon. One of the earliest symptoms of lupus is hair loss. In some people, the loss can be drastic and coming out in clumps. For others it can be less obvious.

About 50 percent of victims experience rashes or lesions. It is not uncommon for these to come out just before a flare-up. Additional symptoms could include but are not limited to oral ulcers, enlarged lymph nodes, chest or muscle pain, osteoporosis and even depression. Lung and kidney inflammation can also cause serious ramifications for a lupus victim.

If you are suffering from lupus, your disabling condition may qualify you for Social Security Disability benefits for illnesses. Although the programs are not designed to fully cover someone’s medical expenses or rehabilitation costs, it may help provide some financial relief while you are out of work. In order to qualify, you must prove that the condition is serious enough that you are unable to maintain gainful employment and that the condition is expected to last at least a year or ultimately end in death.

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