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Why do so many claims for disability benefits get denied?

Why do so many claims for disability benefits get denied?

| Feb 19, 2016 | Social Security Disability |

It is fairly well known that applications for Social Security benefits, both in New Jersey and in other parts of the country, often get denied at the first stage of the application. Usually, applicants will need to plan on at least one appeal before they can expect to be awarded SSD benefits.

The reasons for this ongoing trend are many; however, two reasons in particular stand out as the possible of some many early denials of benefits. For one, the Social Security Administration, whose employees give an application its first review, will not conduct an extensive independent investigation in to whether a person has qualified for disability payments.

This means in practice that if an applicant does not at the outset present a compelling assessment from a doctor as to the nature and extent of a person’s claimed disability, the Administration would prefer simply to deny benefits rather than conjecture about a New Jersey applicant’s medical condition. However, because appeals are possible, an applicant need not fear too much if the medical documentation is not in perfect order at the start of the case.

The applicant should, however, make certain that by the time the case reaches the desk of an administrative law judge, he or she has quality medical evidence that proves he or she cannot work.

Another reason that applications get denied at first is that the Social Security Administration will generally not get the opportunity to hear how an applicant’s illness or injury affects his or her daily living, nor will the Administration really get to hear a final pitch from the applicant or his or her attorney that synthesizes the medical evidence and makes a case for awarding benefits.

While it can be frustrating to have an application for SSD benefits denied, people should not get discouraged. After all, it may just be a matter of having to do a little more digging and, if one wishes, hiring a qualified New Jersey Social Security attorney to assist with putting together a convincing argument.