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What types of work-related injuries lead to disability claims?

What types of work-related injuries lead to disability claims?

| Feb 12, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries |

A recent post on this blog discussed how work-related injuries can leave a New Jersey resident suffering from an inability to work and in need of extra income. Social Security disability benefits help many New Jersey residents who have work-related disabling conditions.

Although the types of work-related injury are many, according to a report circulated by the Social Security Administration, some work injuries are more common than others. For example, as a percentage of work-related injuries, those affecting a person’s muscles or bones are the most common. This is not surprising given that many people work in jobs that are physically demanding, meaning that they can suffer back injuries, muscle strains and even fractures.

Another common type of work-related injury involves a person’s circulatory system. Issues relating to the heart or to blood circulation arise more frequently at work than some might expect. Although perhaps not as obvious as muscle and bone injuries, circulatory problems can leave a person completely debilitated and unable to work.

Perhaps less surprisingly to some, lung and breathing issues result in a higher percentage of work-related injuries that land New Jersey residents on disability. Even if they do enjoy some protection and safety measures, one has only to imagine the toxic environments that people who work in some factories and places like cold mines must endure daily.

No matter what type of serious work injury a person must face, the end results are similar if a person is no longer able to earn an income. In these sorts of situations, New Jersey residents should consider filing for Social Security disability as a viable option. An attorney can help disabled individuals and their families to understand their legal options.