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What should I send with my application for SSI benefits?

What should I send with my application for SSI benefits?

| Feb 5, 2016 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI) |

Although the number of application for SSI benefits and SSDI disability benefits, both of which are paid by the federal Social Security Administration and are commonly called “disability,” are on the increase, residents of New Jersey and people across the country should be aware that actually getting the government to agree to pay SSDI or SSI benefits is still difficult.

A little over one third of applicants actually succeed in getting benefits. Of the people who do ultimately succeed at getting disability, about 25 percent of them do so at the time they apply for the benefits. The remainder of the successful applicants prevail during the appeals process.

There are steps that a disabled New Jersey resident can take in order to ensure that his or her application succeeds. Perhaps most importantly, a person should send in all medical records and documentation to the SSA so that the Administration can evaluate whether a person’s illness or injury qualifies for disability payments. He or she should do so at the time he or she sends in his or her application and not after the fact.

Furthermore, a person who wants to apply for benefits needs to be able to account for his or her income, as strict income eligibility requirements may apply with respect to benefits. Effectively, this means that a person cannot be working around the time he or she files for benefits. Even unemployment benefits can affect a person’s eligibility.

While New Jersey residents can take these simple steps to improve their chances of getting benefits, they still should understand that a denial from the SSA is likely. If a New Jersey resident finds himself or herself needing to appeal a denial, then he or she may want to get the assistance of an experienced New Jersey Social Security disability attorney.