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Seeking Social Security assistance for mental illness

Seeking Social Security assistance for mental illness

| Feb 10, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions |

Although we are not psychologists or counselors, the legal professionals at our law office understand in many respects what New Jersey residents who are suffering from a mental illness have to endure. Aside from the symptoms themselves, these people also have to deal with the fact that because that a mental illness disability is an invisible disease, the general public may think of them as just lazy or unwilling to make necessary changes in their lives.

This common misconception, however subtle, can spill over in to more important matters like the payment of social security benefits. While the general rules for getting benefits apply the same to mental conditions as they do to other illnesses and injuries, in practice, the applicant for benefits has to demonstrate to the Social Security Administration that the condition is “real” and not just a ploy to get benefits.

In this situation, it becomes all the more imperative to send in all relevant medical information about one’s mental condition and how it prevents that person from being able to work. However, mental conditions still present special challenges with respect to applying for Social Security disability benefits, and a denial of benefits is a real possibility without careful preparation.

We encourage New Jersey residents to consider allowing us to handle your Social Security claim when that claim involves a mental illness. Our office has experience with mental illness claims for Social Security and has successfully represented many clients both in getting benefits and managing the process without undue stress.