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Helping injured people meet their living expenses

Helping injured people meet their living expenses

| Jan 29, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries |

Last week’s post discussed a recent case in which a New Jersey resident who was otherwise able and willing to work suddenly found himself injured. This type of story is all-too-common in Newark. While some people who get hurt at work may have the benefit of workers’ compensation, any New Jersey resident knows that not everyone gets hurt while on the job.

Nonetheless, these sorts of accidental off-work injuries can be just as debilitating and can leave a Newark resident unable to work. Left with few other options, these unfortunate people may need to rely on income from Social Security Disability benefits in order to meet their basic needs. Without these benefits, people may find themselves destitute even though the person would certainly work if he or she could.

Federal law sets out exactly what qualifies a disabling injury that would make a person eligible for SSD benefits. However, many times, people who really are hurt and need the help wind up with a denied claim simply because they did not have the evidence that they needed to succeed in their case.

In this respect, our law office can help. We have over 25 years’ of experience helping injured people get the Social Security income that they often desperately need. We have in the past been able to help people with all kinds of injuries, including spinal cord injuries, simple back injuries and even what some might describe as “emotional” injuries like PTSD. We will do our best to gather helpful evidence for an injured Newark resident so that the person can move on with the person’s life with the help of some extra income to cover necessities.