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Social Security Administration backlog leads to lengthy delays

Social Security Administration backlog leads to lengthy delays

| Dec 2, 2015 | Social Security Disability |

Recent reports show that there is a significant backlog of Social Security disability benefits applications, which have yet to be seen for approval or denial. According to the Associated Press, there are delays of up to 22 months for some applicants. And unfortunately, these delays are not isolated but extend across the country. What does this mean for residents of Newark?

Thanks, in part, to the “baby boom” generation reaching retirement age and being more prone to injury or illness, the Social Security Administration is seeing a rapid rise in applications. In the past, the Social Security Administration has tried to address the issue by limiting caseloads, but this only led to pressure on judges to approve more cases, which costs the already financially-strained administration more money.

What can you do? Although there is nothing you can currently do to speed up the process on the SSA side of things, you can do everything in your power to make certain your application is complete and done correctly. According to one law firm, only 44 percent of applications have been approved this year.

Properly filing out the paperwork and including any and all required information will significantly help strengthen your case. There are many resources online to help you along the way, but it still may be wise to speak with a local firm to see whether your Social Security disability benefits application is as good as it can be. With 66 percent of applications getting denied, is it worth the risk?

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