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Navigating the process of Social Security Disability hearings

Navigating the process of Social Security Disability hearings

| Nov 20, 2015 | Social Security Disability |

Social Security Disability benefits can be a helpful safety net for those who are unable to work because of various situations such as illness or injury. However, the navigating the process of obtaining these benefits can be confusing and difficult. One element of the process may be a SSD hearing.

During a hearing for Social Security Disability benefits, a person may be required to testify about many things. A judge will already be in possession of medical records, but a person may still be asked about symptoms, pain intensity, medications and their side effects and more. Aside from medical questions such as these, a judge may want to get a full sense of a person’s day-to-day activities so that they can evaluate the condition more clearly. There are also many other questions that may be asked as well, including employment history, education, mental and physical abilities and more.

Because of the wide range of questions that may be asked, it is important for a person in such a situation to be prepared. Clarity is of utmost importance. Knowing exactly what it is about a condition that prevents a person from completing their work can be crucial to a positive outcome of the hearing. Keeping a detailed diary in the weeks leading up to the hearing can also be helpful for answering day-to-day questions about a condition and how it affects life.

Clearly, Social Security Disability hearings are detailed situations and can be difficult to take on alone. Seeking the assistance of experienced legal representation can help those involved in such situations plan a solid plan of action, hopefully resulting in a positive outcome.

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