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Mental conditions can be covered by SSDI

If you or a loved one is suffering from a debilitating mental condition, you know how difficult life may be. Living with a mental condition can make it hard or impossible to work or even maintain a sound social life.

The Social Security Administration knows and understands how mental conditions can affect a person’s life, and mental conditions are included among the disabilities required to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, also known as SSDI.

Among the mental conditions included by SSDI are: bipolar disorders, mental retardation, depression, schizophrenia, panic and anxiety attacks and memory impairment. By applying and proving your mental condition is debilitating and preventing you from working, if approved you will receive benefits to help you financially. Filing for disability benefits and proving you have a mental condition is not an easy task, however. And it can be especially difficult as you try to survive and deal with your problems. That’s why we are here to help.

At Abromson & Carey, Attorneys at law, we understand. For the last twenty seven years, we have been helping clients with their Social Security disability benefits needs in an effort to help lift some of the financial burdens associated with living with a disability. Our office conveniently located in Newark, New Jersey, is here to serve anyone in the north Jersey area including Essex County, Union County and Passaic County. If you believe you believe you may qualify for disability coverage for a mental health issue, call or visit us today. Initial consultations are always free. Together we will sit down and determine how we can help you get the benefits you deserve.