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Living with schizophrenia

Many people in Newark may have heard of the term schizophrenia, but not many actually know what it entails or what it is like for a sufferer living with the condition. Schizophrenia is a brain disorder often causing hallucinations and delusions that range from hearing voices, dysfunctional thinking and a general loss of reality. Before medical technologies and knowledge of the condition were fully known, it had developed quite a stigma for victims. Thankfully these days it is known that schizophrenia is a real and serious condition.

In the United States, schizophrenia affects about 1 percent of the population. However it is hereditary, and for those whose immediate family have suffered from the disease, that rate jumps up to 10 percent. For identical twins, there is a 40-65 percent likeliness that the other twin will suffer from schizophrenia as well.

Although researchers are still trying to develop more effective treatments and medication to deal with the disorder, many victims will have to deal with the disorder their whole lives. The disorder also affects family members who have to help their loved ones deal with and live with the disorder. Caring for someone with schizophrenia can be challenging, and may require professional help.

Since schizophrenia is a severe, chronic and disabling condition, which often affects a person’s ability to work or even properly function in life, it may be covered by Social Security Administration’s Social Security disability insurance if the right requirements are met. The Social Security disability benefits program provides financial assistance to individuals who are no longer able to work due to physical, mental and medical disabilities.

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