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Having the proper documents for SSDI benefits a great first step

Having the proper documents for SSDI benefits a great first step

| Oct 9, 2015 | Social Security Disability |

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits may seem like a long and arduous process. And that’s before considering a victim’s injury, illness or mental condition, which can further the difficulties of the process. It is no wonder then that applicants struggle to get the benefits they need.

Consider that nearly two thirds of applicants are initially denied. Some of this group are denied properly such as because their condition does not qualify or that their condition is not expected to last at least a year or end in death. But many are also denied because the applicant did not fill out the paperwork properly or did not include all the necessary documents.

During the application process, you can expect to have to provide at least the following: the application itself, a valid proof of birth such as a birth certificate, proof of citizenship or naturalization, U.S. military service papers if applicable and last year’s W-2 forms or self-employment papers.

In addition, you must also have information available, including: your date of birth and Social Security number, your earnings from the previous few years as well as the estimated next year’s income if applying from September to December, contact information regarding your employer, your history of military service if applicable, spousal information such as their date of birth and Social Security number and a copy of your Social Security statement.

Preparing yourself with the appropriate information is essential to giving yourself the best chance of getting your SSD benefits application approved. There are agencies and services as well as professional law firms available to help you along the way with the application process. Depending on your condition, these options may be the difference between an acceptance and denial. Is it worth the risk?

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