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Do not let the Social Security process overwhelm you

Do not let the Social Security process overwhelm you

| Sep 4, 2015 | Social Security Disability |

For many disabled people in New Jersey, as well as in the rest of the country, Social Security disability benefits are a critical source of income, which helps them to meet the various expenses that are associated with living with a disability. However, when it comes to claiming SSD benefits, it is common for a large number of applicants to be overwhelmed by the complicated rules and regulations that the Social Security Administration has in place to determine if an applicant has a legitimate disability.

Typically, there are only two stages involved in a successful claim application: the initial application in which the applicant needs to submit all necessary medical evidence and other documentation and the final decision in which the SSA communicates that the claim has been approved. However, in the event that the SSA identifies irregularities in the application, it may reject the claim. That is when the arduous task of appealing the claim begins for the applicant.

SSA appeals are resolved in a maximum of four steps, which are called reconsideration, administrative law judge review, appeals council review and an appeal in federal court. During all of those stages, the SSD benefits claimant needs to provide evidence, both medical and other evidence, which supports the claim. That is where the problem begins for those applicants. Primarily, the applicant will experience problems because that person is not familiar with the SSA’s functioning and the person finds it overwhelming.

However, when the same applicant chooses to consult an attorney, that person may find the process to be much easier. That is because an experienced Social Security attorney is fully aware of how the SSA works and that attorney will be able to review the case and navigate all of the loopholes that may have caused the claim to be denied. If a New Jersey applicant wants to understand how an attorney can help during an SSD claim, the person may wish to visit our law firm’s webpage about the Social Security claims, denial and appeals process. The information may be very helpful.