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SSD benefits available for many back and spinal cord disorders

SSD benefits available for many back and spinal cord disorders

| Aug 7, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Illnesses |

Some diseases can significantly affect a person’s ability to perform the most mundane, day-to-day activities. While some of these diseases cause only temporary disabilities from which the patient fully recovers after a period of time, certain diseases are progressive in nature, meaning the patient’s medical condition steadily deteriorates over time as a result of the disease.

Many New Jersey residents who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS) or have loved ones suffering from this disease would know that MS is one example of a progressive disease. According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the disease disrupts the flow of information within the brain as well as between the brain and the rest of the body. Interestingly, despite advances in medical science, the cause of multiple sclerosis remains unknown. However, scientists believe that it is caused by unidentified environmental factors.

Fortunately for New Jersey residents afflicted with multiple sclerosis, the Social Security Administration acknowledges the difficulties that patients suffering from MS experience. Therefore, the SSA includes the disease on its list of impairments eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. However, as is so often true of similar disability claims, SSD benefits for multiple sclerosis are often difficult to obtain. The frequent reason for a denial of this kind of claim is lack of adequate medical evidence or the lack of other necessary documentation.

Those suffering from multiple sclerosis, or loved ones who help care for them, may want to visit our law firm’s webpage about SSD benefits for multiple sclerosis. The page provides information about multiple sclerosis, its symptoms and effects, as well as information pertaining to SSD claims for multiple sclerosis. This information should help readers understand the nature of this progressive disease and also help them decide whether to consult an attorney for help with the SSD benefits claim process.