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Understanding the SSI windfall offset — Part II

Understanding the SSI windfall offset — Part II

| Jul 24, 2015 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI) |

The previous post on this blog introduced the Supplemental Security Income windfall offset, of which many New Jersey residents may already be aware. The last post, however, left a few issues unanswered, such as the time period for the windfall offset and benefits that can and cannot be subjected to the offset. This blog post will focus on those aspects of the SSI windfall offset.

As mentioned in the previous post, the Social Security Administration will make adjustments to a recipient’s benefit amounts if that recipient is eligible for both retroactive Social Security benefits and SSI in the same month. However, if a recipient is only eligible for SSI for a particular month, that recipient’s benefits would remain unaffected.

A recipient should also know that according to the rules, a recipient’s SSI windfall offset period begins in the month that the recipient becomes eligible for both retroactive Social Security benefits and SSI benefits. Also the offset period ends when the SSA starts paying that recipient Social Security benefits. Another important aspect is that the windfall offset is only applicable to Social Security benefits so SSI benefits and other benefits administered by the SSA remain unaffected.

As touched upon in the last two blog posts, dealings with the SSA can often be complicated because both Social Security benefits and SSI benefits are elaborate programs governed by a complex rules and regulations. Following these rules and regulations may often be challenging for recipients, especially if they are already trying to cope with severe disability.

Therefore, people who want to receive SSA benefits may find it beneficial to enter into these dealings with the agency with the help of an experienced attorney. An experienced SSI benefit attorney will not only help applicants receive timely and adequate benefits but will also help them through the appeals process if benefits are denied.

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