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Some factors may lead to a reduction or cessation of SSD benefits

Some factors may lead to a reduction or cessation of SSD benefits

| Jul 1, 2015 | Social Security Disability |

For many disabled people in Newark, New Jersey, as well as in the entire U.S., Social Security Disability benefits are necessary to meet everyday expenses. Therefore, when those benefits are reduced, or discontinued entirely, the person may face a number of financial difficulties. However, it is important for an SSD benefit recipient to remember that there are certain unavoidable situations that may cause the benefits to be reduced or discontinued.

The first reason that the SSD benefits may be affected is that the person’s medical condition may improve. For example, if a person who has a serious heart condition, for which the person is eligible for SSD benefits, has heart surgery and recovers, the SSD benefits may be reduced based on the fact that the person is able to return to work.

The Social Security Administration will make the decision about whether the person’s benefits should be reduced or discontinued based on periodic health assessments, which are conducted every three to seven years, depending on the person’s actual medical condition. The SSA often makes that decision if the SSD benefits recipient stops receiving medical treatment. However, there are cases in which a recipient may have stopped treatment because that person has lost all hope of recovering or, in some cases, because the person cannot afford additional treatment.

Another possible reason why a person’s benefits may be reduced or discontinued is an increase in the person’s income. According to the SSA’s rules for 2015, if a person earns more than $1,090 per month, that person will not be eligible for SSD benefits. However, reducing or discontinuing the benefits can only happen if the person proves an ability to work within a period of nine months. As soon as the SSA observes that the SSD benefit recipient is able to work full-time for an extended period, the benefits will be discontinued.

In the event that the person’s benefits are reduced or discontinued, the person can face many challenges. However, some decisions that the SSA makes about reducing or discontinuing SSD benefits may not be fair for a number of reasons. Therefore, people should understand their legal rights if they receive a notification from the SSA about their SSD benefits being adjusted.

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