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Key factors the SSA considers before granting SSD benefits-Part I

Key factors the SSA considers before granting SSD benefits-Part I

| Jul 29, 2015 | Social Security Disability |

Many people in New Jersey and in the rest of the United States live with a disability. Their disability not only makes day-to-day activities difficult but it also limits the person’s ability to earn a living. For those people, financial assistance from the Social Security disability benefits program is very helpful. However, as many people may have experienced, it is often difficult to meet the qualifications for SSD benefits.

According to sources, approximately two-thirds of all claims for SSD benefits are turned down by the Social Security Administration. This figure is of concern because research has shown that, at present, approximately 37 million people, or 12 percent, of America’s population are disabled. Additionally, it is estimated that 25 percent of 20-year-old workers will become disabled by retirement age.

Keeping in mind those statistics, it is important for people to remember those important points when they are applying for SSD benefits, either for themselves or for a loved one. Basically, the information pertains to five major factors. Three of those factors are related to the applicant’s work before and after the disability occurred and the other two are related to that applicant’s disability and the severity of that disability.

It is only after the SSA takes into consideration all of those factors that it determines whether an applicant is eligible for SSD benefits. While it may look fairly simple on paper, understanding the eligibility criteria often takes an in-depth understanding of SSA rules and regulations. However, to be honest, that may not be an easy task for many people, especially when certain inherent abilities are affected by a disability.

The next post on this blog will discuss, in detail, those five factors. Once an applicant is familiar with those criteria and how the SSA treats them, they may find it easier to navigate the SSD benefits process. However, if the SSD benefits process still remains confusing, the applicant may consider retaining a Social Security lawyer to guide the person through the SSD benefits claim process.

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