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SSDI benefits for disabling injuries often require legal help

SSDI benefits for disabling injuries often require legal help

| May 20, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries |

The majority of Americans, including those in New Jersey, work most of their adult lives and come to depend on their income to satisfy their requirements for daily life. When a person loses a job, however, the person’s world can come crashing down. The problem can be even worse if the job loss is the result of a disabling injury. Many disabled New Jersey workers can receive workers’ compensation under state laws, but some need more help, especially if the disability becomes permanent and keeps the worker out of the workforce for good.

Fortunately, most American workers pay Social Security taxes, some of which go into the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund. This fund provides financial assistance to individuals and families who are unable to work because of qualifying disabilities under the Social Security Act. The SSDI program is run by the Social Security Administration, which determines whether a person is eligible for SSDI benefits.

The SSDI application process can appear straightforward, but it is often hard for applicants to navigate, primarily because the SSA is unable to define every type of disabling condition. Problems can arise if a disabled worker’s medical condition does not explicitly meet the definitions listed in SSA guidelines.

Anyone who wishes to know more about SSD benefits for injuries can visit the webpage of Abromson & Carey to learn more about SSA’s definitions of disability and how an application often must spell out the applicant’s genuine disabling condition in a specific way. Abromson & Carey is an experienced firm in New Jersey and has helped many injured workers receive disability payments so they can live normal lives without extreme or chronic financial worry.