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How does the “Work First New Jersey Program” benefit people?

How does the “Work First New Jersey Program” benefit people?

| Apr 24, 2015 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI) |

Financial security is not only a desire for most New Jersey residents but also serves the best interest of the entire state. There are, however, several low-income families with family members who are partially or totally disabled physically and in other ways. Such disabilities may not allow the disabled or the elderly to continue with their previous employment. Some disabled, low-income residents may, however, be able to seek some sort of employment.

In addition to the federal Supplemental Security Income program, New Jersey has also devised a “Work First Program” that may help them to seek some sort of gainful employment and be more self-reliant. The “Work First New Jersey” program, which was initiated by the state, may be able to help the state exchequer as well as serve the interests of those people who are recipients of Supplemental Security Income and who are seeking financial independence.

The WFNJ program issues cash rewards for all those who close their Supplemental Security Income cases and seek and obtain job. Those people who have been receiving Supplemental Security Income for over six months may be eligible for the Work First Program. They may be eligible to receive approximately $200 a month for a period of two years after closing the case.

Many New Jersey residents who choose to close their cases under the Work First program may wish to consider consulting a lawyer in order to understand the benefits and rewards that may be applicable to their individual cases. The Work First program does not disqualify a person from receiving child care financial assistance or any payment for child support. While Social Security Benefits may lapse after five years, Work First programs may be beneficial because they promote self-reliance and financial stability in the long run for everyone involved.

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