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U.S. Senate argues over Social Security numbers for immigrants

U.S. Senate argues over Social Security numbers for immigrants

| Mar 25, 2015 | Social Security Disability |

Many New Jersey residents suffer from serious injuries and mental and physical illness, which makes it challenging for them to get a job. Government authorities provide Social Security disability benefits for people in that situation. However, lately, it has been discovered that many illegal immigrants who do not qualify for Social Security disability benefits are receiving the benefits, which means that the people who should be receiving those benefits may not be.

Approximately 90,000 illegal immigrants were granted Social Security numbers by 2012, which entitled them to Social Security disability benefits within the first few months of President Obama’s new administration. Apparently, many more Social Security numbers were assigned to people after that. Many legal professionals and politicians have questioned whether the Social Security Administration has been able to help anyone with the increase in the number of Social Security numbers being granted to what has now been termed “dreamers.”

Many of the young people who immigrated illegally were the recipients for such Social Security numbers. It was considered a significant point in the administration’s call for amnesty. Having a Social Security number also allows the person access to Social Security disability benefits. Many people have expressed an opinion that the move has become a hidden cost to the taxpayers, which affects all U.S. residents.

Amnesty expansion has, however, been halted by the court. Many social and legal experts have been in a heated debate over the matter ever since the amnesty move was announced. Many people have estimated that over $4 billion are being invested for new immigrants who were granted Social Security numbers. However, having a Social Security number does not give the person the right to establish a permanent residency or to be eligible to participate in welfare programs.

Source: The Washington Times, “Senators demand to know how many illegals got Social Security numbers,” March 12, 2015