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New Jersey mental illness disability interview

Many New Jersey residents suffer from various forms of mental illness that can range from anxiety, depression or even schizophrenia. Such mental disorders may hinder a person’s daily life to the extent that is hampers one’s ability to work. In these cases the disabled claimant or even the person’s relatives and dependents may seek Social Security disability benefits because of the resident’s mental illness.

Seeking mental illness disability may, however turn into a long drawn out procedure with copious amount of paperwork. Many residents find it beneficial to seek professional legal help in order to gain Social Security benefits for mental illness because obtaining benefits and challenging a denial has a number of complicated aspects that experienced professionals are aware of.

Over two million applications are filed each year for mental illness disability benefits. Therefore, the authorities in New Jersey have a strict and diligent procedure in vetting out the genuine cases that may be eligible for mental illness disability benefits. For this purpose a Social Security representative usually conducts a comprehensive interview to gauge the claimant’s veracity.

If during the course of the investigation and interview it is discovered that the applicant’s average annual income is at least $10,800 then the claimant is not considered disabled for the purpose of claiming mental illness disability benefits. For the purpose of evaluation of employment, the representative may even investigate alternate employment opportunities that the claimant may be eligible for.

In cases where the mental illness disability is so severe that it can hinder the applicant’s ability to work at all and the mental illness disability corresponds with the list of covered disabilities under the purview of the law, the claimant may receive mental illness disability benefits.

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