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How to plan SSD benefits for New Jersey dependents

How to plan SSD benefits for New Jersey dependents

| Mar 6, 2015 | Social Security Disability |

Social security benefits under New Jersey law are given mostly to people who have been disabled, due to injuries. Such injuries must prove to render it next to impossible for the claimant to get further employment.

In many cases, the disabled person was the sole earning member of the family prior to the disability. With this in mind, New Jersey laws provide for the disability extending to dependants of the disabled claimant. Dependants may include spouses, as well as former spouses, minors and disabled children. Such disabled persons are encouraged to plan their social security disability benefits to provide for their family.

Each dependant of the disabled person is entitled to a social security disability benefit, extending to about 50 percent of the social security disability benefit received by the disabled claimant. However, the social security benefits given to the dependants of the social security disability benefits claimant are calculated by the New Jersey authorities on the basis of the total amount of social security benefit given to all the dependants. In order to claim social security benefits, the dependants may have to provide various documents, such as birth certificates or marriage certificates. Many find it beneficial to consult professional legal help in such cases.

New Jersey authorities also have a credit system to calculate the total amount of social security disability benefits that one may be eligible. Such a credit system is based on the years of work that the disabled person has put in. The maximum work experience amounting to 40 credit points is calculated as 10 years of work experience. On the same basis, dependants may also be eligible for the social security benefits of the disabled claimant after the death of the disabled.

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