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GAO says SSI had $5 billion in questionable spending in 2014

GAO says SSI had $5 billion in questionable spending in 2014

| Mar 22, 2015 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI) |

Supplemental Security Income provides much needed financial assistance to individuals and families throughout New Jersey. However, because it is a government program, it is subject to regular scrutiny to ensure it is spending funds appropriately.

The Government Accountability Office, which investigates the spending habits of several federal agencies, recently released information indicating that the SSI program may have improperly spent billions of dollars.

According to a recent article published on Disability Scoop, the GAO found that the SSI program questionably spent roughly $5 billion last fiscal year. Although the SSI program was just one of 22 government programs that were highlighted in the investigative report, it raises some questions about the practices of the SSI program.

Although the GAO attributed the questionable spending to misreported resources and income by SSI recipients, a Social Security Administration advisor was quick to say that this does not necessarily mean fraud was occurring. He added that such errors are often out of the beneficiaries’ control. The SSA is working to address the problem.

So what does this report mean to recipients of SSI benefits? Probably not too much at this point. However, it does stress the importance of filing out an application correctly. Because SSI applications can be very complex, it may be helpful to consult with an experienced attorney if you are considering applying for benefits. An attorney who is familiar with the processes and procedures involved in applying for SSI benefits can help ensure your application is filled out completely and correctly.