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Can New Jersey children get SSI for brain injuries?

Can New Jersey children get SSI for brain injuries?

| Mar 4, 2015 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI) |

Many children under the age of 18 have suffered acquired traumatic brain injuries in New Jersey. One factor affecting the parents of such children suffering from traumatic brain injuries is funding the medical expenses for long term medical care and rehabilitation. The state may be able to help such parents get supplemental security income for such injuries.

Children suffering from acquired traumatic brain injuries may need a lifetime of medical care, as full recovery may also not be possible for many of the brain injury victims. Rehabilitation, as well as medicines, required for treating brain injury is typically very expensive. Such cases are exacerbated when the victim of brain injury comes from a low income family. New Jersey authorities have made a provision for such cases by allowing supplemental security income to families in financial need.

There are certain eligibility requirements needed to claim supplemental security income for a minor following a brain injury. At the very outset, the child must be declared disabled according to the administration dealing with social security. According to the state rules, the family income must also be proved to be low income. The child’s income may be taken into account for the purposes of calculating family income for this purpose.

Obtaining supplemental security income, however, requires copious amount of paperwork. Many families find it beneficial to engage legal professional help to traverse the legal system. The child’s medical records, as well as school records or records of employment, may be looked into to ascertain disability. In cases where the authorities are not convinced of the child’s disability or the extent of the disability, they may administer more tests at their own cost. While, in most cases, SSI payments may be given after four to five months. In some rare cases, where the injury suffered or disability is proven to be very severe, payment may be made immediately.

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