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Which documents are required for New Jersey SSI?

Which documents are required for New Jersey SSI?

| Jan 24, 2015 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI) |

When a New Jersey resident wishes to apply for supplemental security income (SSI), certain documents must be produced at the time of application. The list provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA) is fairly long, but the individual applying for SSI benefits may be able to complete the application by supplying only some of the documentation requested. If required, the SSA provides assistance to potential SSI recipients in gathering the necessary documents.

The first and foremost requirement is the applicant’s Social Security number. If an individual does not have a Social Security number, he or she must apply for one before claiming SSI benefits. The next requirement is a proof age. If the applicant has already submitted proof of age when obtaining a Social Security number, he or she does not need to provide it again.

Once the age proof is established, an applicant must provide documentation that states citizenship or alien status. A number of documents may be used to establish this status, and a complete list is available on the Social Security website. The next step is for the applicant to provide proof of income. The documents necessary to support this are also mentioned on the website.

The next set of requirements pertains to proof of resources, proof of living arrangements, medical sources and work history. The documents accepted by the SSA for these categories are also mentioned on the website. Typically, this set of documents pertains to an applicant’s income, bank statements, insurance policies, lease or rent receipts and medical reports, if available.

Once these documents are in compiled and submitted, the applicant can look forward to a successful application, provided the SSA’s screening goes smoothly. If required, applicants may choose to seek help when completing the SSI application process. The areas in which the applicant can receive help are also detailed on the SSA’s website.

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