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Can I claim Social Security benefits for work-related injuries?

Can I claim Social Security benefits for work-related injuries?

| Jan 9, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries |

Many New Jersey Social Security benefit claimants suffered injuries during the course of employment. Work-related injuries can often lead to severe as well as prolonged disabling conditions. State laws provide Social Security Disability benefits for those who suffer work-related injuries.

Under New Jersey law, people who have been disabled due to work-related injuries may be entitled to cash benefits as well as Social Security Disability benefits. In cases where work-related injury has resulted in severe impairment or even death, the worker is entitled to worker’s compensation.

Social Security Disability benefits may be claimed for work-related injuries in some cases. However, one must remember that the amount of compensation that may be claimed for worker’s compensation is usually substantially higher than that of a Social Security claim. The eligibility criteria for claiming Social Security payments versus work-related workers compensation is also more stringent and tougher to achieve.

While worker’s compensation may pay out to employees without a prolonged work history, Social Security claims require a minimum amount of work history. One may often find it beneficial to contact an attorney with experience in filing these claims to better understand the rights and the procedures relating to such benefit claims.

In certain cases, a Newark injured worker may even be entitled to receive payments from both worker’s compensation as well as Social Security Disability benefits for work-related injuries. In those cases, however, authorities would create an offset program to assess the total benefits that may be claimed.

Any injured worker should understand their legal rights and options for getting compensation.

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