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A doubtful 2015 for Social Security Disability benefit recipients

A doubtful 2015 for Social Security Disability benefit recipients

| Dec 31, 2014 | Social Security Disability |

As one year draws to an end and another begins, people hope that the coming year will be met with good health and success. However, there may be some worrisome news for the many people in New Jersey who are recipients of Social Security Disability benefits. As many residents are aware, the Social Security Administration is currently struggling with funds. The direct impact of the financial strain would be on the SSD benefits program and its millions of beneficiaries.

According to reports, many experts believe that the funds used for providing SSD benefits would run out either toward the end of 2015 or in early 2016. These predictions are based on reports by the Congressional Budget Office. Sadly, the experts pointed out that although a situation like this was on the anvil for quite some time, the government does not seem to have taken adequate steps to prevent it.

To make matters worse, it was recently flashed in news media across the country that SSA judges had awarded benefits of up to $2 billion in the recent past for cases that required, if not anything else, a more stringent review. However, $2 billion is a small amount when compared to the annual $200 billion that goes into the SSD benefits program. That means there are a number of other areas that the agency and the federal government need look into immediately for preventing a collapse of the SSD benefits system.

With the entire SSD benefits program under stress, it may become more difficult for people with genuine disabling conditions to obtain what they need. Therefore, it may be a wise decision for a person seeking SSD benefits for a qualifying condition to pursue the claim with the assistance of an attorney. An experienced attorney can not only help lodge the claim but can also help navigate the SSA’s appeal process, if required.

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