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A disabling injury may entitle you to receive SSDI benefits

A disabling injury may entitle you to receive SSDI benefits

| Dec 12, 2014 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries |

For many New Jersey workers, a typical day involves lifting and moving heavy loads. Unfortunately, this type of manual labor routinely presents the threat of spinal cord, back and neck injuries. These types of injuries often lead to disabling conditions that make it hard for a worker to return to the person’s job.

Some of the most common disabling injuries and conditions are vertebral fractures, herniated disks, lumbar disk disease, cervical disk disease, degenerative disk disease, radiculopathy and spinal stenosis. Someone who has suffered these injuries or conditions is often unable to perform simple physical tasks let alone go to work. Fortunately, many people with disabling injuries are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Applying for and obtaining SSDI benefits, however, is rarely easy or quick.

That is where our law firm can help. With more than 27 years of experience in dealing with SSDI claims — including both denials and appeals — the attorneys at Abromson & Carey have developed a broad and substantial knowledge of the system that can help a client successfully apply or, in the event of a denial, successfully navigate the Social Security Administration’s appeals process. We get these results by gathering all the necessary medical evidence that establishes the facts of a client’s disability and inability to work.

We gather such evidence by requesting that our clients undergo medical tests that pinpoint the extent of their injuries. By employing a combination of medical reports and our understanding of the SSA’s medical criteria, we are able to build a case that the SSA cannot easily or permanently deny. Over the years, we have helped many people in New Jersey with SSDI claims, denial and appeals, and we put our best efforts to get what our clients rightfully deserve in the form of SSDI benefits for their injuries.