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We can help with Social security disability benefits for illness

We can help with Social security disability benefits for illness

| Nov 5, 2014 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Illnesses |

Newark, New Jersey, residents would agree that sometimes an illness can be so severe that a person is unable to work. In such cases, that person can apply for Social Security Disability benefits for illnesses. Although many such persons are eligible for SSD benefits, their claims are denied because of lack of evidence that supports their disability. As a result, those people have to cope with financial and emotional challenges that are consequences of not being able to work.

However, denial of a social security disability claim for illness does not mean the end of the road for an individual. Our law firm has over 27 years of experience in helping clients who claims have been denied by the Social Security Administration either for disability or for Supplemental Security Income. We understand the difficulties that may arise because of a denied claim and therefore, we take special care in collecting all necessary evidence, including medical records and case history, to establish your disability during the appeals process that follows a claim denial.

Our objective is to relieve you of your worries regarding SSD and SSI and let you focus on recovering so that you are able to lead a normal life. Our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the eligibility criteria for various illnesses and employ that knowledge to obtain a favorable decision for the claimant by the end of the appeals or hearing process. If required, our lawyers can also arrange for additional medical tests, documentation and testimonies that can convince a claim administrator or a hearing judge to rule in favor of the claimant.

At our firm, we understand that illnesses such as heart diseases, liver diseases, lung diseases, kidney failure and chronic diabetes can prove to be a huge impediment in leading a normal life. Therefore, through our services, we want to ensure that people receive what they are entitled to so that their day-to-day life is easy. To understand more about claims for illnesses and other disabilities, please visit our website.