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Disability summit focuses on exercise and nutrition issues

Disability summit focuses on exercise and nutrition issues

| Oct 9, 2014 | Social Security Disability |

Human health is an ever-expanding area of study and discovery. As such, there is much we do not yet know about how our bodies are meant to function in relation to the comforts and accommodations available in modern society. One thing seems clear, however: The sedentary lifestyles that Americans are increasingly living are often doing more harm to our health than good.

For Americans living with disabilities, the challenges of getting active are even greater. According to a recent study, nearly half of American adults suffering from disabilities lead physically inactive lifestyles. Addressing exercise and diet issues among this group was the focus of summit held earlier this week at the White House.

News sources say that the summit brought together a number of groups focusing on disability inclusion, health and fitness, disability advocacy and nutrition. The goal was to discuss ways to help Americans with disabilities gain better access to health and nutrition resources, and to promote more active lifestyles among the disability community.

This is, of course, a complex topic that cannot be fully addressed in a two-day summit. Nonetheless, the fact that a summit was held at a prominent location like the White House shows that there are plenty of advocacy groups willing to take on this issue at the national level.

If you can no longer work because of a disability, changes to your diet and exercise regimen are unlikely to completely solve your problem. You may still need to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. But depending on your disability, a physically active lifestyle and a healthy diet can greatly improve quality of life and overall health. And that’s an outcome we should all be striving for.

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