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How does SSDI stack up to private insurance in customer service?

How does SSDI stack up to private insurance in customer service?

| Jun 18, 2014 | Social Security Disability |

Insurance companies have always had a pretty bad reputation among Americans. A common complaint is that we pay our premiums each month only to have our claims denied when we need help. In the opinion of many Americans, private insurance is a scam.

Thankfully, the government has tried over the years to regulate the insurance industry in such a way as to ensure more predictability and accountability. The Affordable Care Act alone includes several provisions that prevent insurers from essentially denying care to those who need it most.

When insurance is provided by the government, do we have the same protections? Social Security Disability Insurance is a program that most working Americans pay into with each paycheck they get. In turn, we are assured that if we become too disabled to work (before reaching retirement age), SSDI will be there to prevent us from falling into abject poverty.

But do we hold the Social Security Administration to the same standards as private insurers? Most SSD recipients could share personal horror stories of having their applications denied at least once. Many applications are denied twice before being successfully appealed. Unfortunately, this means months or years of waiting, not to mention considerable paperwork.

Shouldn’t it be easier for Americans with legitimate disability claims to get access to insurance that they have paid into?

The good news is that help is available. Many have discovered that working with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney makes the process considerably easier and less stressful. And although the help of an SSD attorney cannot guarantee success, it can certainly improve the chances that your application is approved.

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