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SSA expands list of Compassionate Allowances for serious conditions

SSA expands list of Compassionate Allowances for serious conditions

| Feb 12, 2014 | Social Security Disability |

Like most government agencies, the Social Security Administration operates more slowly than most Americans would like. As such, even well-crafted Social Security disability claims often take considerable time to process. But for individuals suffering from certain medical conditions, time is not a resource they can afford to lose.

To help streamline the process for these individuals, the SSA crafted a list of “Compassionate Allowances.” The diseases and medical conditions on the list are ones considered serious enough that anyone diagnosed with one would almost undoubtedly qualify for disability benefits. As such, these claims can be processed much more quickly than normal.

Last month, the SSA announced that 25 conditions/diseases have been added to the list, including stage 4 prostate cancer. Statistics show that approximately one out of every six men will be afflicted with prostate cancer at some point in their lives. An estimated 238,000 men will be diagnosed this year alone.

In some cases, waiting for disability benefits can mean delaying treatments.
By creating and then expanding the list of Compassionate Allowances, the SSA has made it faster and easier for people with serious and sometimes life-threatening conditions to be approved.

A full list of the conditions/diseases on the Compassionate Allowances list can be found on the SSA’s website. The newly added conditions have red text.

Even if your particular disease or medical condition is not on the list, you may still qualify for disability benefits. To learn more about the process, feel free to visit the page on our website about SSDI and SSI.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Among 25 Conditions Now Covered By Social Security,” Mary Bubaia, Jan. 20, 2014