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An unseen struggle can mean an insidious inability to work

An unseen struggle can mean an insidious inability to work

| May 3, 2013 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions |

There are all kinds of debilitating illnesses and conditions in New Jersey that can prevent an individual from being able to work. Additionally, there are conditions that are not always apparent. In many instances, it is impossible to simply look at an individual and discern whether he or she is able to work. It is far more complicated than that. In many instances, it takes more than an able body for an individual to work and provide an income for him or herself.

More individuals in New Jersey that are crippled by a debilitating mental condition are seeking financial assistance when they are no longer able to function in a work environment. Victims of this nature can feel a sense of shame because members of society that do not understand what it is like to live with a condition of such a nature say untrue and unkind things. Propagation of such falsities prevents individuals that desperately need assistance from seeking help and treatment. Many individuals that struggle with post traumatic stress disorder know this struggle.

One veteran that struggled to accept his diagnosis of PTSD knows that the horrors of this condition are real because he lives with them every day. He recounts being regularly not only unable to do anything, but unable to feel anything. Nothing and no one could evoke any sense of feeling from him as he hid himself away in his stark home, keeping the blinds drawn. He tosses and turns during long nights with little sleep. He is likely unable to work at all as he is trying to hold on to his life.

This victim speaks of the stigma that he lives with. He encourages no one similarly struggling to feel any sense of shame. PTSD can often manifest in symptoms such as night sweats, racing pulse, panic attacks, substance abuse and so much more. There is help. An experienced Social Security Disability Insurance attorney can help a victim unable to work because of their struggle with PTSD pursue SSDI benefits. This is a very real and very debilitating condition, but there is help.

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