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Securing assistance often difficult for those already struggling

Securing assistance often difficult for those already struggling

| Mar 15, 2013 | Social Security Disability |

There is a wide array of disabling conditions that so severely impact some residents of New Jersey that they are unable to work. When an individual is unable to work, they are unable to earn living. This in turn makes the effort to afford even the basic costs of living extremely difficult. It is imperative that we provide for all members of our society. This is why the Social Security Administration began the program to assist individuals that struggle in this manner.

While the list of disabling conditions is rather lengthy, there are a few conditions which qualify individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere for fast-track receipt of benefits. Even with the assistance of an attorney, filing a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be exhausting, met with the collection of extensive documentation, denials and appeals. It can often feel unfair that it is so hard to seek critical assistance, but help is available.

The process can mean that some individuals are made to wait months, and even years, before they receive these benefits. The Compassionate Allowances list comprises 165 conditions in which individuals afflicted literally cannot wait that long for benefits because sometimes they do not have that long. It is imperative to specify on an application if an individual has a fast-track qualifying condition.

Seeking the advocacy of an attorney in this process can mean the individual can focus on their health, rather than the stress of administrative work. Whether an individual has a condition that provides for a faster decision or not, the bottom line is that an individual filing a SSDI claim needs assistance, and they need it as soon as possible.

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