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Hope for those suffering with major depression in New Jersey

Hope for those suffering with major depression in New Jersey

| Mar 28, 2013 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions |

According to a survey sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, almost half of the individuals desperately struggling with major depression do not get the help and medical attention that they need. In many instances, individuals in New Jersey that are desperately struggling with major depression can barely get out of bed, much less go to work.

There is relief available for these individuals, but knowing where to turn to seek that relief can be extremely difficult when everything already feels hard, insurmountable and far away. An experienced attorney can help a person understand the mental illness coverage offered under an ERISA or group policy through that individual’s employer. Additionally, a qualifying individual can receive financial assistance for a mental illness that prevents them from working under Social Security Disability Insurance.

A large reason that so many individuals with depression do not receive the help that they need, including benefits, is because it can be difficult to diagnose serious mental illnesses. At present, an individual cannot simply have their blood drawn an analyzed to indicate that they struggle in this manner. Accordingly, it is critical to document symptoms, cognitive function and evaluations in order for the individual to be best positioned to receive benefits.

An organization that assists individuals collect SSDI benefits says of the complex process often met with denied applications, “We go through even to the point, frankly, of do you like things to be stapled or paper-clipped? Paper clips wins out a lot of times because they need to make photocopies and they don’t want to be taking staples out.”

If an individual in New Jersey is unable to work because of their mental illness, they do not want to be bothered with collecting documentation and evaluations, much less trivial things like paper clips versus staples. An attorney can assist that individual by allowing him or her to focus on their health while the attorney helps that person secure benefits in an efficient, timely manner.

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