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After 3 appeals to the SSA, woman receives her SSDI benefits

After 3 appeals to the SSA, woman receives her SSDI benefits

| Mar 22, 2013 | Social Security Disability |

We have discussed on several occasions how disheartening it can be when an individual in New Jersey that lives with a disability and is unable to work has their claim denied for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. It can feel like an overwhelming, and long process with no end or relief in sight.

One woman that profoundly struggled with anxiety and depression that rendered her unable to continue working, and also manifested itself in physical symptoms like migraines and back pain, appealed her denial for benefits to the Social Security Administration three times.

When she felt like she had exhausted all the effort she could expend, and when she was becoming hopeless, she reached out for help. An attorney helped her successfully appeal her case and not only receive $27,000 in back benefits, but an additional amount of $1,300 in Social Security Disability benefits to be paid monthly.

When an individual is struggling in this manner in New Jersey, they do not want to spend their time plagued by denials and appeals. In New Jersey, an experienced Social Security Disability attorney can help an individual with a disability through every step of the process.

This means that the attorney can assist the individual in gathering the necessary evidence and medical records for the initial application to mitigate a denial. If the individual’s claim is denied, the attorney can then assist the individual in every step of the appeals process, tirelessly fighting for their benefits so that the person can focus on their health. This can be a long and difficult process, but an attorney can help an individual receive benefits in a more efficient, timely manner.

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