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Personal benefit information can now be accessible online

Personal benefit information can now be accessible online

| Feb 21, 2013 | Social Security Disability |

Once an individual has been approved for benefits under Social Security Disability Insurance, they could be unsure of how to track their benefits. Everything from making sure the payments are entering the correct account or being sent to the correct address can feel like a confusing paper trial that is difficult to keep track of. Some may even have trouble locating the documentation that states that the individual has been approved for benefits when looking to secure loans or other local benefits.

The Social Security Administration has announced an expansion of services that will provide an opportunity to keep track of all of these things online with a service called “My Social Security Account.” This service will allow a benefit recipient convenient access in one location to their benefit verification letter and history of their payments and related information. This can cut down traditional processing times associated with locating documents or changing information.

In addition to assisting individuals in New Jersey that have already been approved for benefits, this new service should also help to cut down on time spent doing administrative work rather than processing new benefit requests. A representative of the Social Security Administration says, “Given our significantly reduced funding, we have to find innovative ways to continue to meet the needs of the American people without compromising service. These new enhancements will allow us to provide faster service to more people in more places.”

In the meantime, those that are currently seeking benefits could still feel the frustration of delays from this backlog. Finding an advocate through an experienced Social Security Disability programs lawyer can greatly speed up the process to receiving benefits.

Source: New Brunswick Patch, “Access Your Social Security Benefits Information Online,” Feb. 19, 2013

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