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SSD benefits adjusted for cost-of-living expenses

SSD benefits adjusted for cost-of-living expenses

| Oct 17, 2012 | Social Security Disability |

When an individual in New Jersey is hit with a crippling illness, injury, disease or condition that renders them unable to work, there are several things that may run through their mind as constant sources of stress. Chief among those issues is money: How am I going to pay my medical bills? How am I going to keep paying for housing? What about food? How am I going to live?

While these thoughts can quickly escalate and plague an individual with worry, there are options available. In New Jersey, workers that can no longer work due to a condition, illness or injury can file to claim Social Security Disability benefits. Workers could also be eligible to receive benefits through an ERISA group or an individual disability policy through their employer’s insurer. If the individual meets certain criteria, they can begin collecting these benefits that will supplement lost income. However, if an individual in New Jersey has not worked for a significant period of time, they could still be eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits.

If an individual in New Jersey is dealing with a serious health concern, they may not be sure of what all of this means and where they should begin. It is important to understand all of the options available to an individual, and how to go about collecting benefits. Experienced legal assistance can walk an individual through the entire process.

For example, to receive Social Security Disability benefits, recipients must be under full retirement age and unable to work due to a condition expected to last at least 12 months. Recipients of these benefits will see a slight increase next year in their benefits. This is because the federally mandated program makes adjustments for cost-of-living expenses. This cost-of-living adjustment will reportedly be 1.7 percent increase in benefits, beginning Jan. 2013. An experienced attorney will know this information and much more regarding SSD benefits and other options available to individuals.

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