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October: Raising awareness of all aspects of breast cancer?

October: Raising awareness of all aspects of breast cancer?

| Oct 11, 2012 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Illnesses |

Traditionally, New Jersey residents associate the month of Halloween with ghostly decorations of orange and black. However, in recent years, the shift has focused on October as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Pink everything pervades our consciousness as early detection of the disease is encouraged.

While Breast Cancer Awareness month does much good, it does seem to fall a little short representing what the struggle is like financially in the wake of a breast cancer diagnosis, particularly when a patient doesn’t respond to treatment and the cancer spreads. It can be devastating.

One out-of-state woman that was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer four years ago, that subsequently spread to her lymph nodes, lungs and liver, is trying to manage the financial ruin that ensued in the face of her metastatic cancer diagnosis. The woman is fighting foreclosure as the bank is set to sell her home on Dec. 19.

The woman resigned from her position as a school teacher and began collecting disability payments. These payments provide less than $1,200 each month, and her co-payments for her medications alone are $1,000 each month. Her husband had to take a job closer to home that didn’t require traveling, so he took a 55 percent pay cut. In the face of all of this, the couple can’t afford their mortgage payments.

The couple is working through the bankruptcy process and is also looking to modify their mortgage as a means of alleviating some of the financial burden in this difficult time. Friends have set up a website for people to make donations as well.

When a worker is physically or medically impaired to the point that they can no longer work, it cannot be stressed enough just how critical Social Security Disability benefits are. Residents of New Jersey struggling with metastatic cancer may wish to consult with experienced legal counsel to ensure that they file for disability correctly and receive all the benefits they need to ensure their well-being.

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