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Disability benefits battle ends in $206,000 of benefits for sick man

Disability benefits battle ends in $206,000 of benefits for sick man

| Oct 31, 2012 | Social Security Disability |

A man that struggled with heart failure and needed to battle the Social Security Administration for years to receive his due benefits watched as his comfortable life slowly slid into desperation and poverty as his health only steadily worsened. The sick man reports that when his lawyer called to tell him his fight was successful, the man was prepared to hear the worst — that there was nothing more to be done — conversely the man says, “When I got that phone call, it just lifted me up. My spirits were lifted up.”

It would probably be fair to say that the spirits of most individuals fighting for disability benefits would be lifted upon hearing the news that the Social Security Administration would be paying the individual $206,000 in disability benefits after nine years of battling through denial claims and administrative law judge hearings.

Not everyone individual, in New Jersey or elsewhere, is as lucky. Too many individuals too sick to work die while waiting for benefits. According to one senator, “The flood of Social Security Disability applicants over the past few years has tested the agency’s resources and personnel. As a result, disabled Americans are waiting longer and longer before receiving the benefits they deserve.”

The process surrounding Social Security Disability and receipt of benefits can be confusing for many because it is comprised of intricate legal requirements. It is not uncommon for a claim to be denied, and for an individual to be required to appeal that decision. In a large volume of denials, there is not enough medical records in supporting evidence of a claim. An experienced legal advocate can assist an individual in New Jersey in ensuring that they file correctly, and fight to receive the necessary benefits.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Families face long waits for Social Security disability benefits,” Yvonne Wenger, Oct. 27, 2012