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New Jersey benefit recipients aided by electronic payment

New Jersey benefit recipients aided by electronic payment

| Sep 6, 2012 | Social Security Disability |

In the spring, we blogged about how residents in New Jersey receiving Social Security Disability benefits would begin receiving those benefits electronically — if they weren’t already doing so — starting March 1, 2013. Nationally, 90 percent of recipients have already done away with problematic and expensive paper checks, and are already on the electronic payment method.

While some people in New Jersey may have felt hesitant or had a negative experience with this shift, it appears that overall it is a positive change. Beyond the costs saved to the environment and tax payers in association with the switch from paper checks, New Jersey recipients of Social Security Disability benefits are directly benefiting from this shift as well.

Primarily, all the hazards and inconveniences associated with paper checks being sent through the mail are eliminated. First of all, there is no worry of someone else stealing the check. Second, remember those days when your payment date would fall on a Saturday or holiday and your payment was delayed? This isn’t an issue with the electronic payments because if the payment date falls on a day when banks aren’t open, the benefits are transferred a day early.

Finally, it is easy to check and verify balances and earning records online with the electronic system. Social Security Disability benefits are critical for recipients. It is important for recipients to retain an advocate that understands how critical such benefits are for the continued well being of the recipient. Such an advocate can aid a recipient if a situation were ever to arise in which the recipient was to have their benefits terminated.

Source: Echo press, “Electronic payments: The best and soon the only way to get benefits,” Sharon Rushford, Sept. 5, 2012