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Recipients of SSDI must notify SSA of changes in cirumstance

Recipients of SSDI must notify SSA of changes in cirumstance

| Mar 20, 2012 | Social Security Disability |

People who receive Social Security disability benefits in Newark know how valuable the financial assistance is. However, Social Security disability recipients should remember to notify the Social Security Administration if their circumstances change, including a change in a medical condition, criminal record and their ability to work.

Disability benefits under the Social Security Act are available to individuals who cannot work due to a medical problem or injury that is predicted to last at least one year or cause death. Requirements exist for past earnings and duration of work.

If a person begins working while receiving benefits, serious consequences can result. Recently, a man pled guilty for taking more than $330,000 in SSDI benefits to which he was not entitled. After qualifying for SSDI, the man managed two businesses and did not inform the SSA.

A beneficiary who is convicted of a crime is also required to notify the SSA. SSA rules say that benefits will not be paid if a beneficiary is detained in jail or prison at public expense, with limited exceptions. Certain outstanding warrants can also affect eligibility.

SSA regulations specifically require disclosure of any changes in someone’s criminal record, their ability to work or a medical condition. Someone who is planning to apply for SSDI benefits would be wise to consult with an experienced attorney who can explain the requirements to be sure the applicant fully understands the relevant laws.

The application process to begin receiving disability benefits is complex and can be confusing. In addition to explaining the requirements, an attorney can also help an individual throughout the application process to be sure they begin receiving the benefits they are entitled to.

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