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Applicants frustrated over delayed benefits

Applicants frustrated over delayed benefits

| Dec 6, 2011 | Social Security Disability |

Frustration may be one word used by applicants applying for Social Security disability benefits in New Jersey and throughout the United States, and those applying are not the only ones expressing disgust with the system.

Doctors hired by the Social Security Administration to review cases complain that new rules have them reviewing cases in which they have scant medical experience. The result, they say, is that people who otherwise may not be entitled to Social Security disability benefits are receiving them, while other worthy applicants are denied. For its part, SSA denies the allegations, but the horror stories continue to mount.

In Maryland, one applicant has been waiting two years for SSDI benefits after spinal cord problems forced him from his trucking job. When a television news team investigated, a check for almost $60,000 worth of back pay was deposited into the man’s account within one week.

Others wrote the investigative team complaining they’ve waited for SSDI benefits for years. Another man had been waiting well over two years for necessary benefits after Crohn’s disease complicated by Type-1 diabetes forced him to quit his retail job after 26 years. After the news team intervened, benefits of about $30,000 were deposited in less than 48 hours.

These and other stories continue to plague a system many New Jersey residents see as unfair and arbitrary. The wait to receive Social Security Disability is often very frustrating and has forced some applicants into bankruptcy and foreclosure, but the benefits exist for an important purpose and those entitled to receive them have places to turn for help. It may be beneficial for those New Jersey residents seeking the monthly benefits they deserve to ask for assistance from an experienced attorney.

Source: WBALTV, “Social Security Disability Benefits Delayed,” Nov. 22, 2011