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High unemployment rate for those receiving disability benefits

High unemployment rate for those receiving disability benefits

| Nov 4, 2011 | Social Security Disability |

A new study revealed that people with disabilities have a higher rate of unemployment. Since the start of the recession in the last quarter of 2007, almost 11 million people have applied for Social Security Disability benefits in New Jersey and throughout the country. As of September, almost 9 million workers were receiving Social Security Disability benefits, with more than 2 million people filing claims in this year alone.

The study was completed by Allsup, a provider of disability insurance representation and Medicare plan selection services. It showed that the unemployment rate for those with a disability is almost double what it is for persons without. While the national average for unemployment hovers around 9 percent, the figure is over 16 percent for those with disabilities. That figure is at its highest rate since 2008 when statistics were first tabulated. It is the fourth consecutive quarter in which it has increased.

Although there was a slight decline from the previous quarter in the number of people applying for disability benefits, more than 700,000 workers applied for benefits in the third quarter of this year alone. The average wait time for determination is said to be 800 days. Those currently entitled to benefits typically receive around $1100 a month.

Considering the fact that the waiting period is so long and the rules and regulations can be complicated and confusing, those seeking benefits may want to consult with an attorney well versed in Social Security Disability. The lawyer may be able to assist in filing important paperwork, honoring deadlines and working to streamline the process for the quickest approval possible.

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