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Multiple Sclerosis

Decoding Multiple Sclerosis In SSDI

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive disease. Many people are able to live long, normal lives after a diagnosis, but for some the symptoms become so debilitating that they can no longer maintain employment. The specific medical criteria and the fact that symptoms may ebb and flow complicates a claim for disability.

If you are seeking disability benefits through Social Security Disability or long-term disability insurance, the law firm of Abromson & Carey, Attorneys at Law, can help. Our experienced attorney excels at providing objective medical evidence that multiple sclerosis interferes with your ability to earn a living. Contact our Newark law office for a free consultation.

What Needs To Be Documented

Although multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease, the symptoms are not constant. Many MS patients experience periods of remission or minor symptoms in between episodes of debilitating symptoms. This conflicts with the main criteria of SSDI or SSI claims that a disability has lasted or will last 12 months.

Attorney Glenn Carey has practiced in disability law since 1985 and is highly familiar with the Social Security Administration’s criteria for multiple sclerosis. He knows how to characterize your impairment, including cycles of remission and relapse, within the MS guidelines to prove that your disease disrupts your ability to maintain gainful employment.

He can help arrange an MRI or spinal tap if you do not have a solid diagnosis of MS. He also knows how to document the neurological and physiological deficits associated with multiple sclerosis, including:

  • Problems with walking, coordination or balance
  • Tremors, partial paralysis, muscle weakness or fatigue
  • Vision impairment or hearing loss
  • Slurred speech or any other speech pathology
  • Memory loss, cognitive deficits, depression or any other mental impairment

Contact Our Lawyer For Help With Multiple Sclerosis In SSDI Claims

We make sure your medical records reflect the minimum criteria, such as impairment in two or more limbs, along with the frequency and severity of all symptoms. We help you get the right tests and treatments, and we handle all the paperwork of your disability insurance claims so that you can focus on recovering your health.

Contact us today or call 877-673-9993 to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney who has successfully appealed denied claims for multiple sclerosis. We serve Essex County and surrounding counties of northern New Jersey.

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