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Social Security Disability

Experienced Advocacy From Beginning To End: Filing SSDI Claims, Hearings And Appeals

When you have a disabling condition preventing you from working, you may feel tossed about from agency to agency trying to get the help you need. Sometimes dealing with government agencies can be like banging your head against the wall. They don’t seem to understand your situation, and often, they don’t seem to care. Our lawyers think that is wrong.

At Abromson & Carey, Attorneys at Law, we are dedicated to answering your questions about where and how to start the process. We are also here to help you through this complex process. We will be at your side fighting for the benefits you are entitled to receive.

Perhaps you are preparing to file a claim, or you have already filed a claim and been unjustly denied. Or maybe you have been receiving benefits for some time and now, for whatever reason, your benefits have been terminated. Our legal team is here to help you understand your options, exercise your rights and pursue the compensation and benefits you feel you deserve.

Social Security Disability Insurance Lawyer

Based in Newark, attorney Glenn Carey has been helping disabled people assert their rights and obtain benefits for 35 years. Helping people is our passion, and it shows in our level of commitment to each case and each individual person with whom we become involved. Mr. Carey will personally attend to your case and will appear at any hearings or court proceedings necessary.

Some of the many areas of Social Security benefits in which we can provide experienced, knowledgeable legal help include:

  • Exploring available disability programs, including SSDI and SSI
  • Pursuing all disability benefits for you and your dependents
  • Filling out the proper forms and paperwork
  • Gathering necessary evidence and documentation of your injury or condition
  • Preparing you and your files for hearings and court appearances
  • Representation at your ALJ hearing
  • Representation in administrative and federal court appeals

Experience Makes All The Difference In SSI/SSDI Claims

The secret to our success is simply the accumulated knowledge from handling thousands of Social Security Disability cases since 1985. Glenn Carey is extensively familiar with the Social Security Administration (SSA) criteria for dozens of physical and mentally disabling conditions recognized by the SSA, including special criteria for claimants over age 50. He knows what objective medical evidence and supporting documentation the SSA examiners or hearing judges are looking for, and can often tell clients and doctors which additional tests or medical records are needed to win approval. Attorney Carey also has a background as a prosecutor, which enables him to analyze the case from a legal perspective and present compelling arguments in hearings or in court.

We have a well-earned reputation for fighting all the way for SSDI claims that we think have merit. If you have been denied, but we feel your disability claim is just, we will keep fighting and keep appealing the decision until every possible avenue has been exhausted. Our list of clients includes people from every walk of life and profession, including construction workers, people in manufacturing jobs, police, port authority workers, dentists and surgeons.

We handle cases at hearing locations in Newark and Jersey City, representing disabled individuals throughout Essex County and surrounding counties of northern New Jersey.

Don’t Fight The System Alone

Contact us today through our online form or by calling 877-673-9993 to put our knowledge, experience and passion to work for you. Flexible appointments are available. Hospital and home visits can be arranged. We are here to help — if that means we need to go to you, we will do it. A member of our staff speaks Spanish and Portuguese and can help us communicate with you.

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