Helping Disabled Clients Since 1985

What are your options when your disability prevents you from earning a living? Where do you start? The Social Security Administration (SSA) as well as other long-term disability insurance companies provide benefits for those with disabling conditions. However, the process can be difficult to complete on your own. At Abromson & Carey, Attorneys at Law, we have decades of experience helping clients successfully navigate through the challenges of dealing with insurance companies and SSA.

Serving The Legal Needs Of Disabled Clients In New Jersey

Experienced Help Today For Your Disability Claim

Dealing with insurance companies or the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be frustrating and intimidating. You will need an experienced attorney who cares about your case and knows what to do from start to finish.

At the law firm of Abromson & Carey, Attorneys at Law, in Newark, we have been helping people obtain long-term and Social Security Disability benefits since 1985. Our sole focus is disability law. Our mission is simple: To secure the compensation that you deserve to cope with an injury or illness that prevents you from working.

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Let Us Help You Understand Your Benefits

ERISA and private long-term disability plans can be difficult to understand. Whether you are insured through an employer-sponsored group plan or an individual private policy, we force insurers to honor their end of the bargain. But you do need professional legal counsel. It is important to hire an attorney who is familiar with the process and knows what the insurance companies are expecting to approve a claim. We have that experience and will advocate for you effectively in every stage of the process: administrative claims, judicial hearings, claim settlement, litigation and appeals.

Knowledge To Build Your File And The Skill To Win Your Case

Most Social Security Disability claims hinge on the medical evidence. You may have all the classic symptoms and your pain may be off the charts – but is that reflected in your medical records? Do those records paint a complete and convincing picture of how your disability disrupts your life?

Attorney Glenn Carey is extensively familiar with the SSA’s listed impairments and the criteria for each condition. He can determine what additional tests or medical documentation you need to enhance your claim. He can anticipate the objections and cross-examine the experts to put you in the best position to get approved for benefits.

Many initial Social Security Disability claims are rejected. We have helped thousands of clients fight back and win disability benefits for a broad range of disabling conditions, both physical and mental impairments.